Who we are

Your practice is extraordinary.
Why trust it to an ordinary MSO?

AXIA Physician Solutions isn’t an ordinary management service organization.

Unlike other MSOs, we don’t just excel at a few services; we offer a comprehensive range of services that work together to address any and every issue your practice might be facing. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t run a report or two, hand them off and walk away; we consider ourselves a seamless part of your team, working together to identify opportunities, implement change and achieve your goals. And this isn’t our first rodeo; we have decades of practical experience serving independent physician practices just like yours.

We are part of a large health and medical organization, yet we operate completely independently. That means we’re not only nimble but we also offer expertise and resources that independent practices normally have to seek from multiple vendors, or not find at all. Put AXIA to work for you.




From our president

We are often asked, “Why AXIA Physician Solutions?” and “Why now?”

As to the “Why AXIA?” question: For the leadership and team members of AXIA Physician Solutions, the answer has always been simple. AXIA Physician Solutions was created to support the needs of physicians who are both successful clinicians and business owners and prefer to maintain their independence.

As to the “Why now?” question: The current healthcare climate is outpacing the availability of people and resources required for small group providers to successfully navigate the next chapter of healthcare. This rapid cycle change has enabled AXIA Physician Solutions to leverage its infrastructure to create a unique approach to new services and support that is customized to those physicians who prefer to operate an independent medical practice.

We are all reading the same headlines, but are we all taking the same action to preserve success in the future? The healthcare landscape continues to evolve and physicians are finding themselves navigating an increasingly complex environment. As an example, over the past four years, both Medicare and other payers offered incentive-based opportunities to physicians willing to invest in compliant electronic health record systems. Looking forward to the next four years, CMS is introducing a new program that will enforce financial penalties for those physicians who have not made a transition to an environment focused on care outcomes. The MIPS program, scheduled to start in January 2017, implements an incremental penalty structure for program non-compliance.

On a more positive note, many commercial payers are offering to provide performance incentive opportunities to physicians who are able to demonstrate high quality and cost-efficient patient care. Meeting and adhering to new criteria takes time, energy and expense, and small group physician offices often lack resources to comply with these criteria. By updating its current offerings, AXIA Physician Solutions is better positioned to leverage technology and experience on behalf of its customers, resulting in a support structure that is designed to enhance the clinician’s quality, operational and financial performance in an outcomes-driven world.

In closing, I would like to share with you that the term “AXIA” was chosen for a specific reason. In Greek, AXIA means “value” and serves as a daily reminder to our team as to our responsibilities in earning the trust and confidence of our customers every day. I would like to encourage you to reach out to learn more about AXIA Physician Solutions firsthand and how we can help you.


D. Patrick Easterling
President, AXIA Physician Solutions

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